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ProTree Services is a fully insured tree company in West Chester PA specializing in both commercial and residential properties. We have earned the reputation as West Chester's most trusted tree company through their proven commitment to exceptional, affordable tree services. Their highly trained team is experienced in all phases of tree services including trimming and pruning, tree removal, and tree health evaluations.

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There are many issues that can develop and cause damage to trees, compromising their stability and safety. Fortunately, a lot of problematic conditions can be prevented or treated. Waiting to address a suspected tree issue can lead to a bigger problem and expense or, much worse, a fallen tree incident. If you have a concern about your tree's health, ProTree will provide you with a free tree evaluation. Your tree will be inspected for disease, decay, weight imbalances, and other conditions that may be ruining your tree's health. ProTree professionals can tell you if your tree has a problematic condition and, if it does, what options exist to resolve it.

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For all of your Tree Removal, Stump Grinding and other Tree Service needs, please call us at 610.810.3589, or use our Free Estimate Form. Click Here - Free Estimate Form

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An unhealthy tree can pose significant risk to you and your property. A weak or diseased tree has the potential for disaster. As West Chester Pennsylvania residents know, Chester County has suffered significant severe weather, including tornadoes, in 2018 and years prior. Chester County is 1 of 14 counties in Pennsylvania that is designated as one of the state's "high tornado frequency" areas. In July of 2018, The National Weather Service confirmed the occurrence of a Chester County tornado with winds moving at 95 miles per hour. This tornado, along with other severe weather incidents in West Chester's recent past, have caused fallen trees that have resulted in massive damage. Even more recently in West Chester's extreme weather history, November of 2018 brought the biggest November snowstorm in decades. Straight line winds also hit Chester County in 2018. These winds were so strong they caused major tree incidents as well as destruction to large parts of people's homes.

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If you are in need of having a tree removed in West Chester PA, whether due to storm damage, disease, safety concerns, or simply a change in your landscape plan, ProTree Services will complete the job with safety as the top priority. We do tree removal of all kinds, including large and difficult jobs as well as those requiring a large number of trees to be removed.

Because tree removal in West Chester PA often involves power lines, buildings, and other potential hazards, it requires top-rated, experienced professionals. ProTree experts are highly trained in every detail of the tree removal process. From the beginning of the job to the end, they maintain vigilant attention on all hazardous conditions that involve your property as well as those nearby. ProTree team is given rigorous, detailed training to ensure all of their tree services in West Chester Pennsylvania are completed with flawless precision.

Have an urgent situation? We offer 24-hour emergency services. If you have a damaged or fallen tree that needs immediate care in the West Chester PA area, our team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day. As your dedicated neighborhood tree company, ProTree Services is dedicated to the health, safety, and beauty of your trees.